Turtle island-Keri caves

Turtle island(Marathonisi)-Cameo island-Keri caves
Available Seats:
up to 6
5 to 6 hours half day/full day also available
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General Information About Turtle island

An island uninhabited except for the sea turtles, Marathonisi ( aka Turtle Island) is part of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, which strives to protect sea turtles. You'll discover two beaches on the island,one sandy and one rocky.

Stop 1-Marathonisi(Turtle island)

Our first destination is turtle island aka marathonisi to go and search for the Caretta Caretta turtles and take photos with them.

Stop 2-Keri caves

Next stop is Keri caves where you will enjoy a dive in their crystal clear waters!

Stop 3- Cameo island

Next destination is Cameo island,a of the famous private island on which a lot of people get married.

Included in this tour

  • plate of seasonal fruits
  • soft drinks/champage/wine/beer/juice/water
  • your choice of music
  • phone chargers
  • go-pro camera to film your very own video /photos underwater
  • swimming goggles
  • beach towels
  • gps
  • fully sun protected deck
  • ice-buckets
  • transport
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